Canine Conversations by The Hydrant Club
Canine Conversations by The Hydrant Club
Cathy Brooks

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About Us

In 2013 I built a little oasis in the desert. Carved from the asphalt and concrete, The Hydrant Club was founded with a simple mission: Helping people better understand their dogs and in the process, becoming the best possible pup parents they can be. Our focus on dog socialization and urban dog etiquette, combined with a remarkable facility designed for dogs and people, resulted in something entirely unique. A place for dogs, where people get to be more human. Primarily founded as an educational facility, The Hydrant Club offers up an array of staple dog care services like daycare, overnight boarding, bathing and such. With requests coming in from all around the world for access to my philosophies and practices, I felt it was time to take our magical community to a wider audience. That's where this community and YOU come in!

Why You Should Join Our Group

It's all well and good to say that this community will help you be the best parent to your pup that you can be, but what does that actually mean? Good question. Chances are your dog has some persnickety behavior you've tried sorting and just can't. Perhaps you're a first time or just very new dog owner and have tons of questions that no one seems to be able to answer. Perhaps you've found tons of information - and all of it seems to conflict - so are seeking a place to suss out that information and figure out what's truly best.

That's why you should join us. 

I'm a firm believer that when it comes to teaching dogs (and humans) there is no ONE right way. Sure, there are broad brushstrokes of things that do and don't work. Centuries of symbiosis and evolution with humans and dogs show that. Recent decades of scientific research go further to show that some old methods that worked for olden days, are less valid (and in some cases invalidated altogether). The kind of work you do with your dog depends on many factors - what kind of dog you have, its age, its hereditary history, your living environment and ultimately your expectations and goals.

That's where this community comes in.

My job is to gather as much information as possible, sort/sift and evaluate the information and the present it so that folks can make their own choices. I'll be sharing insights on behavior, training techniques, nutrition and wellness to travel, social activities and all around dog parent stuff. Then we all get to discuss, share our own experiences and help each other. Because here's the thing - just like dogs, we humans are genetically hard-wired for belonging to a group. We exist, thrive and grow in communities.

That's why you should join us.

So Why Join?

Here's the thing. Not only are you going to get to find answers for yourself, you will have the opportunity to share your own experience and pass that on to others. Life is a team sport. Dogs know that. And you know what? The best dog owners do too. 

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